The ambitious path to the Champions league

As with many young men the dream was to become a professional football player. Luckily for us (and possibly the world of football), Markus Huber, born in 1979, decided to follow on with the family tradition of winemaking.

Yet he did make it to the top of the league after all - the wine league. National and international trade press have described him as an winemaker to watch and a 'Wunderkind' (British Decanter Magazine). Together with his close-knit team the winery has already achieved huge success and numerous awards on the international stage.

Some of his notable awards include:

Markus was brought up in Reichersdorf, where his parents ran their vineyard and went on to study at the HBLA in Klosterneuburg, graduation as a Viticultural engineer. He then began a number of internships at well known wineries across Australia, including Mittelback, Jurtschitsch and Bründlmayer, subsequently moving on to South Africa where spent a lot of time working with at some of the best wineries in the country, including Kaapzicht, Spiceroute & Lammershoek.
He later fell in love with and married his wife Edith, and is now the proud father to his two daughters, Anna and Magdalena.

His favourite hobby: Take a guess!

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Weingut Markus HUBER
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A-3134 Reichersdorf
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Weinriedenweg 13
3134 Reichersdorf - AUSTRIA
Tel: +43 2783 82 999
Fax: +43 2783 82 999-4

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