Our soil & climate

Our soil & climate


Many great wines of the world are grown on limestone rich soil, and the Traisental valley is the only wine producing region of lower Austria where this exact soil type can be found. The limestone soil here forms the base of the finest sites for growing wine. This unique soil formation is rich with precious minerals and helps to keep the water supply to the vines at an optimum level. It provides our Grüner Veltliner with an unmistakable spiciness as well as a distinct and clear bouquet, and the Riesling with power and smooth body. Because of this our wines have great laying down potential -  Markus Huber himself loves to drink his wines once they have spent a few years maturing.


The valley of Traisental lies at the crossing point of the pannonian and continental climates. Here cool breezes drifting down from the nearby Alps meet with warm air currents coming from the Donau valley, which lead to extreme variance in the temperatures of the day and the night. This natural phenomenon is never more important than during the ripening season of the grapes, as it is hugely beneficial to the development of the aroma and their absorption into the skins which result in intensely aromatic wines. All these elements combined help our wines to develop their unmistakable character.
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