Numerous small-scale agricultural farms are scattered throughout the Traisental valley. Vineyards here are not much bigger than the average family garden – yet they are farmed with lots of love and care, because the age of vines and the uniqueness of the soil is an incredible treasure. The grapes harvested here are the foundation for some of the most important wines of the winery and of the region: Grüner Veltliner Traisental DAC and Riesling Traisental DAC.
The climate of the Traisental valley is very similar to that of the Burgund - Reichersdorf lies along the same latitude as Beaune - and the area is blessed with cool nights and warm days. Because of this temperature induced interaction the development of the fruity flavours typical of these varietals becomes even more pronounced.

Affected by their location, height and geological bedrock these vineyards produce outstanding wines and even with the passing of the years they can be identified by these unique vineyard characteristics. Notably the limestone mix soil found in the area produces outstanding Veltliner and Rieslings with unmistakable character and distinction. The clarity and minerality of the wines are an expression of the climate and the vineyards from which they originated.
HUBER wines are unmistakable – characterized by their origins and by the vintner.

The essential grape varieties produced at the HUBER winery are:
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Weingut Markus HUBER
Weinriedenweg 13
A-3134 Reichersdorf
Tel: +43 2783 82 999
Fax: +43 2783 82 999-4
ATU: 65209918

Weinriedenweg 13
3134 Reichersdorf - AUSTRIA
Tel: +43 2783 82 999
Fax: +43 2783 82 999-4

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Grüner Veltliner HUGO 2009 Grüner Veltliner Traisental DAC 2009 GRÜNER VELTLINER "Obere Steigen" Traisental 2009GRÜNER VELTINER 2009 "Alte Setzen" - Traisental DAC ReserveGRÜNER VELTINER 2009 "Berg" Traisental DAC Reserve
RIESLING 2009 Traisental DAC RIESLING 2009 "Engelreich" – Traisental DACRIESLING 2009 "Berg" Traisental DAC ReserveSAUVIGNON BLANC 2009GELBER MUSKATELLER 2009