The Ried(Cru) Alte Setzen is located in the village of Reichersdorf and is an east-facing site with a slight incline. The soil is loamy, silty and calcareous – from loess that is two meters thick. Underneath is conglomerate of the Hollenburg-Karlstetten formation, consisting of limestone and dolomite rocks deposited by a river (the “Ur-Traisen”) from the Kalkalpen, or Limestone Alps, around 15 million years ago.

The vineyard is situated directly next to the Huber Winery. In Austrian ‘Alte’ means ‘Old’ and as the name already suggests this is one of the oldest and longest cared for vineyards in the area. This soil distinguishes itself through its ability to store water and nutrients which provides the thriving Grüner Veltliner with its particular brand of spiciness and full-bodied flavour. In this location we cultivate some of our oldest vineyards.

Altitude: 245 – 270m.


Wines from this site